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I started my career as an audio engineer in the music industry. I learned many of my technical and practical skills from mentors at a high level, in both large-scale and smaller venues, leading me to start a small regional sound company with a partner. This was a great accomplishment early on in my career, but it was obvious to me that I needed and wanted much more.

I moved on a few years later to take a position with a national audio/visual company. I brought my talents and knowledge of large-scale events into a new Staging and Production division, which I helped take from inception to my advanced position ten years later as the lead Producer.

What I learned in the early days of my career cemented my desire to produce the best possible product. Ultimately, I felt the corporate event and production industry brought out the best of my skills, so I decided to start my own company. I wanted the ability to give my clients the highest level of service and treat them with the respect I felt they deserved, give them an extraordinary product, as well as increase the relationship to a new level.

Founding Blackstone Productions, Inc., enabled me to create an outstanding, dynamic team that establishes meaningful and lasting relationships with the clients we serve. Our unique and innovative approach allows clients to be our partners in the event production process. My aptitude for project management and obsessive attention to detail, combined with our thoughtful planning and execution, means that the needs of our clients are met no matter what.

While the Blackstone Productions team has a global reach, I chose to settle and grow my business in my native Massachusetts. The Boston area inspires us to support and enjoy the many opportunities for arts, music and business that are meaningful to us on both a corporate and personal level. Boston gives us a local foundation but allows our business to have an international scope, therefore enabling us to serve clients around the world.


Jason Geshelin
Founder & President