Over the years, products have fused into some cool things. To keep things simple, let’s talk about the little things. Plain yogurt and strawberries to give you strawberry yogurt. Smells and stickers to give you Scratch N’ Sniff, going way back now. Roller skates and ice hockey skates that now brand top of the line rollerblades made by Bauer, which by the way, Blackstone Productions has worked with, insert chest-puff here. And, oh I don’t know, let’s say what used to be audio and visual will be forever known as A/V.

Did I mention that is just one of Blackstone’s super powers in our event production landscape? I digress.

Now imagine if you fused the coolest things about Millennials and Gen X’ers in the working world.

What would that look like?

I am a Gen X’er myself and I’ve worked with Millennials over the last few years that I have been so impressed with, for some of their traits below. Hopefully, they were just as impressed with some of my qualities as well. So let’s FUSE, shall we? There is no right and wrong here.

Only fun.


"I believe that the success of a business is not only measured on a balance sheet.

I would like to move up the ranks every couple of years to take on more challenges, here, somewhere else, anywhere and it is not because I’m bored, but because I embrace change better than most, and I can succeed anywhere.

I’m young, I can access all the technology in the world at my fingertips, which is great, because having it all, right now, works for me. In fact, chances are, either me or some of my friends built some of these apps that I pull up so often with those aforementioned fingertips.


So, when some of my coworkers come to me and ask me about creating something for them that they don’t want to deal with, I take it, run with it, and get it back to them in a couple of hours and they love me for it.

It is great to work for such a cool leader, that keeps the office door open so I can pop in, sit and chat with the CEO any time I have something on my mind. I like feedback and I really want to take some initiative here. Let’s just make sure everything is fair, because I believe everyone should be on an even playing field. I’m not a fan of people getting things they don’t deserve.

I don’t mind this setting for 8 hours a day, I guess. But what if they had pods, game rooms, fully stocked vending machines, beds, and showers. I could be down with that. However, at some point I really need some work life balance, because I don’t want to be doing this when I’m 35.

I know I add a lot of value around here and I’m willing to try anything. I could go on and on about what makes me tick, but you get the point."


"I don’t mind coming in early and staying late when I need to. But while I’m there, I’m not a fan of being micro-managed. I think if I’m committed to working long hours. I know what I need to get done and I can handle it, so my boss can feel good about taking a hands-off approach with me.

I want this hard work to payoff, because I want to enjoy this cash when I’m not at work.

I’m not a spendthrift, but it might be nice to take luxury cruise, buy a new car, or even a boat and enjoy my down time.

The person that runs our company has an open-door policy but I’m not one to just pop in. Maybe I should ask my direct boss if it would be wise to send an email first to get some time on the CEO’s calendar. You know, the whole chain of command thing.


I have a 5 year plan, and maybe I could discuss that? I’m not a cutthroat, but also know it can be everyone for themselves when it comes down to it. Things aren’t fair around here all the time, but whatever, I’ll keep doing good work and eventually it will pay off.

Though I grew up with the early stages of technology, things have changed so much. I see so many, what I call “kids” around here that are a whizz when it comes to technology and I am in awe of them. When they help me with that I am really appreciative of it. If they ever want to hear some of my war stories, pitfalls, wins, losses, insights, or talk about my years of experience, I’ll share anything they want to hear.

I’m not one for change. Usually, I think there are ways of accomplishing things that I’ve done over the years and they work really well, so when something else comes along I accept it, but I’m not thrilled about it.

I’m probably boring you to death right now, so I’ll stop."


"Technology is my thing, I grew up with it and I have now perfected it. There isn’t anything I can't do with a computer or a smart phone.

I know I have a long day of work ahead of me at the office, but it’s Friday. So tomorrow when I have some down time I’m going to anchor my boat and create a new app that works as a fish finder, unless my buddy beat me to it.

Things aren’t fair around here all the time, but who cares, I’m dealing with it because it is not going to do me any good questioning it. I want to change so much around here, but in a good way, and I realize it is all about the numbers, so I get it.

Though there are times I think my way that I’ve learned is best, I’m embracing change more and more. I’m even asking for explanations and feedback to better understand why everything is switching around so fast and why.

My CEO is very down to earth, so though I’m not going to grab a chair and sit down right now, I think I’ll give a rap on the door and see if there is time next week to talk about my career path over the next 5 years here.

Eventually I want much more responsibility around here. Maybe if I can manage a few teams, prove my worth, and contribute to the bottom line, I will be in the HEAD CHEESE’S office on the other side of the desk in 15 years or so getting everyone around here to row all their oars in the same direction."

So, we at Blackstone hope that everyone has a sense of humor and likes to have a little fun once in a while.  However,  I think all of us can take a piece from this and liken it to everything going on in our working lives. 

I wrote this based on some of the interactions I’ve had over the years with some outstanding co-workers. Those thoughts have run through my mind and it made me try to diminish some of my own weaknesses by substituting some of my co-workers amazing strengths.

Just thinking aloud. 

So if you want to hear some “sales war stories” as I had mentioned above, give me a ring.     

Tony Patete
Blackstone Productions

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