Free Event Contract Review and Analysis

            We want to extend to you something special that we offer to our existing clients and partners.

Recently, Blackstone Productions held a client/partner event on the Boston Waterfront. We were able to enjoy not just the company and atmosphere but more importantly the honest conversation. During the group discussion, we asked the simple question:

“Why do you trust us with your events and why do others need to do business with us?”

From the many responses there were common reoccurring themes to their feedback:

·      Blackstone's professionalism and calming presence on-site.

·      “Your thoughtful and respectful approach to our event.”

·      “You make your clients and our clients look good.”

·      “You impress our clients' executive leadership teams more than any of our other partners or vendors with your outstanding quality of work."

·      “You have our backs in every way and that is a huge reason we trust you with our events.”


Furthermore, one of our clients stated, "One helpful and impactful thing you guys did for us was when you objectively reviewed an estimate separate from the event we were doing together. You gave us advice on how we can save on budget and/or allocate those funds to get more out of our spend."  This prompted another partner, "You did something like that for us too, you guys should offer that to others, because it really helped us."


Based on that information, it was clear to us that we need to extend this as an offer. 

So here we are: Blackstone is offering a review, dissection, and analysis of one your contracts pertaining to the production of any of your past, current, or future events.

Keep in mind; our niche is typically producing events with 40 or more attendees with budgets that exceed $25,000. We just felt it was time to offer insight and expertise for our existing relationships and new friends.

Feel free to reach out to me directly at my contact information below.  Or, if you are pressed for time and just want to fill out a contact form at your leisure, we can reach out to you at a time that works better.  

Thanks again!